Our Story

When a shop teacher challenged his students to build a device which could increase school safety, Justin Rivard rose to the occasion.  Only 15 at the time, he researched current products and then sought to learn their strengths and weaknesses. After months of refinements, JustinKase was engineered, built, refined, and is now helping protect thousands of students in Wisconsin & Minnesota.

While school shootings like Sandy Hook, Columbine, and others gain the headlines, school districts around the country experience dozens of lockdowns due to various security concerns. Is your school truly ready to protect the students & staff?

The nation took notice. Justin has been featured on so many different media outlets it is hard to keep track. Why? While adults have argued over various political topics, Justin took control into his own hands to develop something which doesn’t fall political categories. We’ve tried to keep up with our media page but that isn’t nearly as important as the mission we seek to dominate: safety.