What type of door does JustinKase

  • In-Swing Universal fits doors between 26-43 inches in width

  • In-Swing Universal also is adjustable for wall thickness from 4 inches to 9 inches

  • Works best on flat surfaces under the doors.  Some doors do have small metallic “lips” under the door which may or may not impact product performance.

  • Out-Swing Door Arms are designed to work on virtually any out swinging door. 

  • Some minor assembly required upon arrival

Can you handle large orders?

We can handle any size order. Our goal is to have large orders shipped within 2-3 weeks ARO. If lead time is critical, please contact our Master Distributor below for specific information. Single orders will normally ship 1-2 days ARO.

How do I place orders?

Orders can be placed online with our Master Distributor ISC or through their authorized dealers.

Phone: 800-458-6255

Email: Sales@iscdfw.com

Does one size fit all?

Our new products are designed to accommodate doors of all types. If you have any questions or concerns about our In-Swing or Out-Swing product fitting your door, please contact us.

Where can I order single devices to test?

Single devices can be found on Amazon using the links below:

Universal In-swing


Will the JustinKase work on residential doors?

The device is not designed for residential doors but it might work in some cases.  We will look to offer new products in the future which might be a better fit for the homes but the current focus is on schools and industrial doors.

Other Questions?

Please complete the Contact Us Form or use the phone number 651-321-4068 for questions.